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The Mindset Co provides Virtual and Live Trainings throughout the year for Personal Growth and for gaining skills and qualifications to help others. 

We are committed to providing high standards in our trainings and we integrate tradition and innovation as our approach in delivering our trainings.

Certified NLP Practitioner Training 

Certified Master NLP Practitioner Training

Rapport Building For Business

NLP Skills for Business

Goals Setting

Your New Day Program - 3 Day Immersion for Individuals

Female Patient

NLP Practitioner

APRIL 2022


Become a Certified NLP Practioner and help make personal transformations for yourself, friends and clients.



Therapy Session

Master NLP Practitioner

Dates TBC

Gain further NLP skills and be Certified as a Master NLP Practitioner. Pre-requisite for this course is the NLP Practitioner



Team Talk

NLP Skills For Business

June 2021

Learn skills to become efficient, remove procrastination, communicate effectively, negotiating, build relationships, 



Group Discussion

Rapport Building

How is it that some people have the knack for being instantly likeable and quickly gain rapport and trust with others? Learn the techniques you can use to build rapport quickly, and increase your ability to connect and build on relationships and people skills.

Special Price:


Laptop and Diary Topview

Goal Setting 

Many times the goals we set never come to fruition. Learn the secret and very crucial step that is an absolute must in successful goal setting and achieving the results you want.



A New Day - For Being More.png

A New Day

Gain massive Clarity, build invaluable CONFIDENCE, and get on to your true path for creating your new reality. This event is a 3 Day Immersion for you to make internal shifts and gain clarity of your true desires, discover your purpose and create a path to your optimal self.



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