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A simple shift in perspective, perception, beliefs, mindset, is the gateway for making change and achieving higher levels of success in both life and career.
The team at The Mindset Co are trained Master NLP Coaches, specialising in helping individuals and teams make the necessary shifts to reach levels of success once viewed as unreachable. 
take control of


Are you living at the effect of everything and everyone else around you? You may have seen or heard of the equation Cause=Effect 


When you are living in "Effect" you become the victim of circumstances, victim of your external world, victim of not being in control.

You can move into being at CAUSE, so that you are in charge and you create the results. You will be unstoppable when you can realise this. 



Are you wasting time focusing on what the problem is? Do you dwell on how you wish things hadn't happened, and keep thinking about if you had done things differently, then you wouldn't be in such a situation?

Well, the best thing you could do is to STOP. Stop spending time on the problem, and instead put all that effort into coming up with a solution.


This is referred to as "Moving towards" the outcome.  Do you really want to be taking steps backwards (the problem) or steps forward (the solution)?? 

When you are productive like this, you start focusing on future potential. In this mental space, you are raising you positivity as you move away from the problem and focus on what you want to create.


That is momentum. Create a Mindset of Momentum and work towards creating what you want. 

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Sandi Diaz - Master NLP Coach

I was at a point in life where I felt I had nothing more to achieve and nothing more to give. I had a Breakthrough session and I couldn't believe how quickly I started to feel lighter and clearer about what I wanted to do. I was excited about life again, and I got so motivated and inspired that I wanted to start up my own business to do what I was talented at. 

Veronika P.




Sandi has a knack for this. She was extremely skilful in guiding me to find my strength and gain confidence in myself. I really love having Sandi as my Coach and Mentor to help me overcome my issues.


Melinda M.


Now that I have experienced the power of what an NLP Coach can do, I am looking forward to becoming qualified as an NLP Practitioner myself. I can't wait to complete the training with Sandi to be able to help others in the same way that she has helped me.


Priya K.




Sandi's coaching was a real eye opener. It got me thinking beyond what I was used to. Turns out the issue I thought I had wasn't the issue. I've never experienced such insight before into my thoughts and how easily I could change once I decided I wanted the change. Sandi has an amazing ability to really get what I'm trying to say. I recommend Sandi to everyone who wants to make any kind of change in their lives.


Andy C.

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